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Post by blackdevil on Wed 06 Jul 2016, 10:26 am

So here are our so very serious rules  Lol (well some really are though):

  1. Have Fun! It's what we are here for!

  2. No flaming around, even if you hate the person

  3. Don't spill ChickenMilk, it's holy!

  4. Don't spread rumours nor fight, talk the things out with the person without making it a big deal. If you are not able to do it on your own, leaders and roosters might help out

  5. Do never touch blacky's blanket, unless she allows you

  6. Stay kind and fair! We are all friends and family right?!

  7. If you find a lonely cookie give it to blacky. In no case you are allowed to share it on your own. She's the only one allowed to give away cookies in CM.

  8. Try to be as active as possible, in tw, skype/discord and the forum. Though your real life is more important! But pls let us know if you are away for a longer time (a week +), else you'll become a retired chicken if you are away for long and no one hears from you.

  9. Don't try not to not not drink anything else but Chicken Milk

  10. Try not to ignore our members (especially not JeyKey pls)

  11. Don't forget to feed the cat, aka m80116, and give it some lovely hugs!

  12. Don't lag pls

  13. Go and have even more Fun! party

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