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Post by Rignas on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 12:11 am

1 ) Who are you? Alex
2 ) How old are you? 20
3 ) Where are you from? Germany
4 ) How long have you played TW? 2-3 years before a 3 year break
5 ) What is your in-game Name? Rignas
6 ) Why do you want to join ChickenMilk? I know blackdevil from the past TW times and the clan seem to consist of friendly people who you can have a lot of fun with!!!
7 ) If you had a nuclear warhead and had to destroy Norway or Sweden. Who would it be?
Definitly Norway, since Sweden is afaik the country with the best education system in the world, which is the most important part of politics imo!!!
8 ) Do you like Meat or Fish best? MEAT! I could eat steak the whole day Razz
9 ) Do you have any hobbies besides collecting toe nails? Gaming, learning russian and spanish, buyiong and selling used cars from time to time for fun..
10 ) make a chicken-poem for us

Ich frag mich wie die chicken ticken,
sind das wohl nur alles Zicken?
Den ganzen Tag nur brav am nicken,
in der Schule gern beim Nachbar spicken?
Nie im Leben Fussball kicken,
Nie nen Freundschaftsbrief verschicken!
Doch eins werd ich schon bald hier blicken,
hier denkt jeder nur ans  ...  ...  ...  ... grenade launcher picken!

Hey guys,
I try to tell you some random facts about me here besides those basics in the top:
I live in a big city near Frankfurt. Its not as big as Frankfurt, but still!^^ I am working at Mercedes in Frankurt as a trainee until June.. I want to study communication- and media managemant/public relations in Frankfurt aswell. Because i learned alot there, I sometimes buy used cars and sell them again for fun. I live with my dad since my mom died in february to cancer (but im on a good path). I believe in determinism and fate. One of the biggest topics overall are politics and daily news. I trust in my Iphone (no Samsung) and my favourite actor is Denzel Washington. Furthermore i am a really big big fan of "house of cards" and i am reeeeaaaally deep into games with deep theory crafting (wich is my motivation to play League since beta now /still active/). Most times i tend to have to many ideas what i could try or start, so i tend to break up with things before finishing them cleanly sometimes (I think this might be my biggest weakness). If you have any questions or things you want to tell me, I always have an open ear Razz

I look forward to a great TW experience with you friends Smile <3
Your Rignas


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Post by Oscy on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 12:25 am

Hey Alex!

Im very happy this was very personal and well written indeed. I liked the enough information you had in it, pretty balanced Smile
Looking forward to play with you online!
Even though I don't get german it looked like a real nice poem Cool
The only downside I can see with you is that you like iPhone, but I can perhaps live with that (maybe) bounce

See ya in-game! Very Happy

/Oscy drunken

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Post by blackdevil on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 10:48 am

good job rignas! so whenever i need a car i'll come to you Razz Very Happy also good to see you again Wink

Translation of his poem (just in meaning, won't rhyme anymore sadly, also i doubt my translation would be all good xD sorry for that):

I ask myself how the chickens are
if they all are just silly?
All day long kindly nodding,
liking to peek at the neighbours at school?
Never playing footall,
never writing a friendship letter!
But one thing i'll get to know soon,
everyone here just thinks about.... picking up a rocket launcher!!!

(bad translation is bad... but that's kinda what it means.. told you no rhymes and such but oh well .. xD)

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Post by Shit on Sat 29 Nov 2014, 2:09 pm

Nice application!

Dah Fuck!?

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