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About the Chickens

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About the Chickens Empty About the Chickens

Post by blackdevil Wed 15 Oct 2014, 4:16 pm

Welcome to ChickenMilk!
Besides producing high quality milk, we like to socialize with our members.
Our main goal is to make your daily life slightly less boring by simply having fun.

ChickenMilk was found by Shit and TwoHit in summer 2014, since then the clan got more and more happy members from all over the world, which we are very proud of. And we keep raising!
We are more concerned about personality than skill and see our clan more as a family/community than anything else. Though we also started to do some competitive gaming, having volunteerly trainings on our private server and playing cws/fws against other clans aswell.

Since we are a more social clan we like to talk/chat a lot, to play other games together and share whatever we want of our lifes with the others in our henhouse. For this we use for sure Teeworlds, since we are a Teeworlds clan, a lot of Skype, Steam, Discord and a few other things. None of the platforms besides Teeworlds is forcefully needed to join us, though we would HIGHLY appreciate our members to use Skype, since we talk about a lot of things there and use it to inform our members.

Our Teeworlds statistics:

Our ClanZone portfolio:  

In Steam:

On Deviantart:

Fun Fact:

About the Chickens Ss201511

We managed to do that in a few days ^^

So be prepared! We chat a lot <3

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