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ChickenFAQ Empty ChickenFAQ

Post by blackdevil Wed 06 Jul 2016, 10:28 am

Chicken FAQ

What kind of clan is ChickenMilk?

ChickenMilk is actually more of a community than a clan. It sure all started and still starts with Teeworlds, but we want to connect our members far more than just Teeworlds. Playing a few games together, chatting around, sharing private things from life and whatever else.

Who found ChickenMilk and when?

The founders of the clan are Shit and TwoHit. They had this idea quite randomly and used the tag with a others just for fun in summer 2014. After a skypegroup and a forum were created, the became a real clan and with time a big community. We've decided to set the date when the skypegroup got in life as the birthday of ChickenMilk: 30th August, 2014.

How to become a Chicken?

If you are interested in joining us, you firstly have to write an application with the help of our ApplicationSheet, filling the asked questions and posting it in our forum. After this we'll read through it and give you and us time to get to know eachother. Regarding on this the Leadership and the Roosters decide if you get accepted or not.

Who is leading the clan?

The actual Leaders are Oscy and blackdevil. But most decisions are made by them together with the Roosters and a few collected opinions from the other members if possible and needed.

What is a Rooster?

Roosters are members that are well trusted, did a lot for the clan and usually have been in CM quite long.

These people support the leaders with giving their feedback on different matters. Together they then decide about different things by voting or discussions about it.
They also have the rcon pw usually to all our chicken servers, so if you have a problem on one of our servers you can ask them besides the leaders.

Who is a Rooster atm?

  • m80116
  • LeveL 6
  • Lucky

What is a „chicklet“?

We came up with this in some chats. Calling a little drawn baby chicken a chicklet at first, moved over to call our applicants „chicklets“. This also is along with the „Chicken.a“ the new clantag for our applicants, if they want to have one during their application time.

What are „retired Chickens“

These are the ones, who once were in the clan but left on their own, or never have been seen anywhere for a long time.

Do I have to be active?

We can't force anyone to be active, chatty and playing. Be there as much as you want and can, there is no „You have to play atleast once a week“ crap. Though we sure appreciate activity and would like to have our members as active as possible. A little note if you are gone for a longer time would be great though. If you get forgotten and not seen for months you will get into our „retired Chickens“ list. You sure can join back in if you feel like it, but you have to apply again. This decisions wether you get accepted or not should be faster and easier to make than your first application.

Does the clan have their own servers?

Yes we indeed do have some different ones. Some for european, american and brasilian players, free to play on for those who want to play some Teeworlds. Also we got our own password saved private server.

Do I have to have Skype?

No you don't. Since me mostly moved over to discord anyway, there is no forcefully need to have skype. Also you don't have to use Skype nor discord, but we'd appreciate it a lot, since we like to have contact with our members outside of teeworlds aswell.

Are there Trainings?

Sadly atm there aren't. But we try to get them running soon!

What is a „fg“?

„Fg“ means FunGathering. It's a gathering of our members, where we sit together, chat, talk around, play for fun, try out different mods and whatever else we want to do at these times. This is a free event for all members who want to join and got time, friends are also welcome. Most of the times we meet up on our private server, but we also switch around other servers later in time. Atm they are every friday evening at 8pm (mid. european time). Though more meetings are in planning.

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