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Post by Lucky on Fri 26 Dec 2014, 7:24 pm

Greetings, fellow Tees!
In the far lands of France where my ancestors settled³, I tend to be called Guillaume¹. As a matter of fact, such name translates to William in an English-speaking country.
Thou shall recognize me a little better as Lucky Guichi⁵ since, approximately, a year ago⁴. When I am asked my age, I tend to respond "in years"², or more often, eighteen.

As I will to join ChickenMilk (which I already did), my motivations⁶ are to encounter great people in a fanciful groupment, share my preference of meat⁸ over fish, and find fellows to help me think which country, between Norway and Sweden, deserves a nuclear warhead more. But I'd probably select Sweden⁷, as chances would be lower for my country to be in the missile range.

Besides collecting toe nails, which takes up to 60% of my time, I like to sleep, eat and play games⁹.

Taken from my minimalist imagination, here is a chicken-poem¹⁰ entitled "Nothing To Be Afraid Of", worth sixty thousand British Pounds in my humble opinion:


26.12.2014 »

As requested for the "FreeStyle" part:
whatever the fuck you want

Thank you for your reading.

Here's a little more personal introduction, without all the fancy words Very Happy
I'm an 18-year old French student called Guillaume who studies computer science. I listen to all types of music and, besides Teeworlds, play multiple games such as Minecraft or Team Fortress 2. I used to draw some stuff in my spare time but now I'm mostly into web development (trying to make neat interfaces, fancy webapps and other cool stuff when it works :p). I'm an Ubuntu user and I barely use windows (I still keep it for some games, but I don't use it at all otherwise).

Sorry for the delay before posting that application, I was a little busy with school so I hope it's okay n_n

See ya in game Very Happy

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[accepted] Lucky Guichi Empty Re: [accepted] Lucky Guichi

Post by Baklava on Fri 26 Dec 2014, 7:43 pm

Hello Guichi
Nice application and well worded Very Happy


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[accepted] Lucky Guichi Empty Re: [accepted] Lucky Guichi

Post by m80116 on Sun 28 Dec 2014, 7:16 pm

Welcome Lucky G.!

Ubuntu ? Am going to learn Ubuntu ?
Let's have some fun of Winchaos!

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