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Post by Lucky on Sun 06 Dec 2015, 3:06 pm

The following players have been awesome ChickenMilk members and still have a spot in our hearts.

Nr. Name        Previous rank  _____Nationality____Picture
1.TwoHitFounder/LeaderGermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Two210
2.ShitFounder/LeaderNorwayRetired Chickens No10 Retired Chickens Shit10
3.TeegirlRoosterGermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Teegir10
4.B.M.F.-FranceRetired Chickens Fr10 Retired Chickens Bmf10
5.Bibi-FranceRetired Chickens Fr10 Retired Chickens Bibi1110
6.HitShit      RoosterFranceRetired Chickens Fr10 Retired Chickens Hitshi10
7.Rignas-GermanyRetired Chickens De10
8.pixe1-GermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Pixe110
9.Sartre-UkraineRetired Chickens Ua10 Retired Chickens Sartre10
10.sage-United StatesRetired Chickens Us10 Retired Chickens Sage10
11.s1erra-RussiaRetired Chickens Ru10
12.Larry-GermanyRetired Chickens De10
13.Napf-GermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Napf10
14.cat4laugh-AustriaRetired Chickens At10Retired Chickens Cat4la10
15.icy-GermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Icy210
16.Lag-HungaryRetired Chickens Hu10 Retired Chickens Lag10
17.Mighty Ricko-FranceRetired Chickens Fr10 Retired Chickens Mighty10
18.Stereo-FranceRetired Chickens Fr10 Retired Chickens Stereo10
19.Zergling-FranceRetired Chickens Fr10
20.mys-GermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Mys10
21.Tiger X-GermanyRetired Chickens De10 Retired Chickens Tigerx11
22.El Magnifico-HungaryRetired Chickens Hu10
23.aumgn-FranceRetired Chickens Fr10 Retired Chickens Aumgn210
24.Ad-RussiaRetired Chickens Ru10 Retired Chickens Ad10
25.Hageshiku-RussiaRetired Chickens Ru10
26..'v!per :]-AustriaRetired Chickens At10 Retired Chickens Viper10
27.Kakuzu-BelarusRetired Chickens By10Retired Chickens Kakuzu11

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